Offline Mode (Using Without Internet)

It is possible to control your DynaMount using a Wi-Fi router that is not connected to the internet, we call this “Offline Mode”.

This guide does not cover the process of actually setting up your Wi-Fi router for use without an internet connection as this will be different for every router. But most consumer routers will function as a DHCP server + switch (assigning IP addresses and managing communication between them) even without an internet connection. Please review the instruction manual for your specific Wi-Fi router. Router tips…

  • Within the settings for your particular Wi-Fi router, it is recommended to either assign a “Static IP Address” to your DynaMount, or increase the “IP Lease Time” so your DynaMount maintains the same IP address from session to session.
  • Some routers may require you to disable “WAN” (internet) in their settings to function properly without an internet connection.

Here are the instructions for controlling your DynaMount in Offline Mode:

  1. Make sure you have followed the steps in Create A Profile, Add A DynaMount To Your Profile, and Hardware Setup.

    • You cannot create a profile or add a new device to your profile while in Offline Mode. You must have previously set up your DynaMount with an internet connection before you can control it in Offline Mode.
  2. If you haven’t previously, complete the steps in the Wi-Fi Setup guide so your DynaMount can connect with the standalone Wi-Fi router.

  3. Now, wherever you take your DynaMount + router, only the remaining steps will apply.

  4. Plug in your Wi-Fi router and wait for it to boot up.

  5. Plug in your DynaMount and verify it is connected to the Wi-Fi router (slow breathing green LED on plastic enclosure). Why did the LED blink orange a few times?

    • Immediately after your DynaMount successfully connects to any Wi-Fi router its LED will either blink light blue once (indicating successful connection to the internet), or it will blink orange a few times (indicating failed internet connection, but still connected to Wi-Fi).
    • It is normal for the LED to blink orange right after connecting in Offline Mode. You can just ignore it.
  6. Verify that your computer or mobile device is connected to this same Wi-Fi router as your DynaMount.

  7. Pull up the DynaMount app of your choice and select the “Offline Mode” checkbox. Learn more…

    • Only the user profile that had most recently been logged in with an internet connection can be used in Offline Mode.

    Offline Mode

  8. From the “Your Devices” list, select the DynaMount you wish to control. Will my settings be remembered next session?

    • Any settings saved while in Offline Mode will be saved for as long as the app remains in Offline Mode. When you elect to leave Offline Mode, you will be given the option to either keep your settings from Offline Mode, or pull in your most recent internet-connected settings from the Cloud.
  9. You will be prompted to enter your DynaMount’s local IP address. Why is an IP address already filled in?

    • The last recorded IP address for your DynaMount is automatically filled in the text box for you but it is not necessarily correct. Use the Scan Tool unless the DynaMount has not been rebooted since you last confirmed the correct IP address.

    Enter Device IP Address

  10. Hit the “Scan” button and the app will search for your connected DynaMount’s IP address. Learn more…

    • A DynaMount can only be found in a scan if it has not yet been calibrated since being powered on.
    • If you will be using more than one DynaMount, here is the scanning sequence to follow: power up DynaMount #1, scan, calibrate DynaMount #1, power up DynaMount #2, scan, calibrate DynaMount #2, … etc.
    • If you will be using more than one DynaMount, do not attempt to position any DynaMounts in desired positions until IP scanning for all units has been completed. Scanning may trigger motion to the center/midpoint on connected DynaMounts that have already been calibrated (even units other than the one being targeted in the scan). This won’t affect any of your saved presets, etc.
  11. Scanning typically only takes a few seconds, but may take up to a minute or more.

  12. Once scanning completes you will see a “DynaMount Found” message, now go ahead and hit the “OK” button.

  13. The control gauges will be displayed and you can now control your DynaMount.

  14. Remember to keep your app in Offline Mode to maintain presets, settings, etc. that have been set while in Offline Mode.

  15. You’re all set to take your DynaMount + router with you just about anywhere!