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Remote Microphone Positioners


With DynaMount products you can forget your go-to mic placements.

Remotely adjust the microphone’s position to dial in the sweet spot quickly and easily from your computer or mobile device.

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Take control of your mic placement. While listening through your monitors, dial in the sweet spot quickly and easily from your computer or mobile device.

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Andy Sneap
“So easy to get tone dialed in it’s a no brainer”

— Andy Sneap (Grammy Winning Producer)

Joe Barresi
“It’s a great invention man, it’s going to save hours of time getting a great guitar sound.”

— Joe Barresi (Producer/Mixer/Engineer – Tool, Bad Religion, Queens of the Stone Age)
“Pioneering… a huge time saver in the studio. 10/10”


Fred Archambault
“It brings back engineering into engineering.”

— Fred Archambault (Producer/Engineer – Avenged Sevenfold, Atreyu)

Michael 'Ace' Baker
“The DynaMount V1-R enables me to get fast, accurate mic placement.”

— Michael ‘Ace’ Baker (FOH Engineer – Sammy Hagar, Joe Satriani)

Tommy Detamore
“I’m here to tell you that after having used one, I view it as a necessity.”

— Tommy Detamore (Producer/Engineer/Multi-instrumentalist — Doug Sahm, Jim Lauderdale, Augie Meyers)

Chris Dugan
“Works perfectly… Everything setup and connected super fast. I used it on the whole record [Revolution Radio by Green Day]!”

— Chris Dugan (Mixer/Engineer — Green Day, Iggy Pop, Smash Mouth)

Recording Magazine
“The ultimate solution for mic positioning.”

— Paul Vnuk Jr. (Tech Consultant/Reviewer — Recording Magazine)

Larry Crane
“To be able to tune the sound to fit the track, in real time, is a marvel.”

— Larry Crane (Editor/Founder — Tape Op Magazine)

Kevin Gutierrez
“This. thing. rules. …no way I could live without one of these now.”

— Kevin ‘131’ Gutierrez (Multi-Platinum Awarded Engineer/Producer)

Jason Suecof
“Game changer… literally saving hours of time.”

— Jason Suecof (Producer/Mixer/Engineer — Drowning Pool, Trivium, All That Remains)

Glenn Fricker
“I dialed in the best guitar sound I’ve ever got in under 5 minutes.”

— Glenn Fricker (Owner/Engineer/Producer — Spectre Sound Recording Studios)

Michael Nielsen
“This must be what it was like when the first EQ’s showed up in studios.”

— Michael Nielsen (Composer – Ninja Tracks)

Carlos Lillo
“…just what I´ve been looking for for the last 17+ years.”

— Carlos Lillo (Owner/Engineer – Rimshot Estudio de Grabación)

Aaron Harris
“I think it’s going to be an invaluable recording tool.”

— Aaron Harris (Drummer/Engineer — Palms, Isis)

Cutting edge technology to enhance classic techniques.

Wi-Fi & USB Controlled

Wi-Fi or USB Controlled

Adjust the position and orientation of any mounted microphone through Wi-Fi or USB.

Save Positions As Recallable Presets

Save Positions As Recallable Presets

With the push of a button you can save and return to up to 18 positions with extreme precision.

Use Your Stands & Mics

Use Your Stands & Mics

All 4 models work with most microphones and attach to any sturdy mic stand.

Mobile Phones, Tablets & Computers
iOS App
Android App
Windows App

All apps are free!

Versatile Mounting

Versatile Mounting

With optional Accessory Pack, any DynaMount can be mounted horizontally, vertically, or even inverted.

Multi-Device Presets

Multi-Device Presets

Recallable presets can be saved for multiple devices simultaneously for ultimate flexibility.

Intuitive User Interface

Intuitive User Interface

Powerful yet streamlined apps allow you to use your smartphone, tablet or computer to adjust your mic placement.

Fine Tune To Perfection

Fine Tune To Perfection

Nudge buttons allow you to move in increments as small as 1/18″ (1.4mm) and 1 degree of rotation.

Keyboard Hot Keys

Keyboard Hot Keys

Hone in on the sweet spot without even looking so you can focus entirely on tone.