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Introducing the Echo-PT™

With the DynaMount Echo-PT, broadcasters now have complete control over their mic placement and can give their audience a sound experience like never before. Use one or more Echo-PT’s to:

  • Quickly compensate for changes in sound on the fly
  • Capture the sweet spot of the action, crowd cheers & performances
  • Save multiple positions ahead of time for single click adjustments
  • Avoid capturing sounds from unruly fans in the audience
  • Create dynamic & exciting effects
  • Much more!

Sound is always changing, so should your mic placement.™


Key Features*

  • Control remotely from anywhere over the internet with included app
  • Small pan/tilt head, weather resistant
  • Single Cat6 or Cat7 cable for RS485 control + power + audio out
  • Ability to save positions as recallable presets
  • Virtually silent at low speeds, silent when not in motion
  • Mounts with standard mic threads
  • Provides microphone with +48V phantom power if needed
  • Separate product: EC-Hub Ethernet-connected control hub which manages up to 2 mechanisms (global remote control)
Echo-PT™ System
V1-R at NFL game, 2016

Current model (V1-R) after being used at NFL game, 2016.

V1-R at major Indy event

Current model (V1-R) being used at major Indy event, 2016.

*Features and design subject to change.