Here you will find answers to some general questions about our products.

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How do DynaMount products work?

Magic! Well, almost… DynaMounts use Wi-Fi to communicate with your smartphone, tablet, laptop, or desktop. There are iOS, Android, & Chrome apps (PC & Mac) all available for free. All models feature support for 802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi standards (meaning they should work just fine with most Wi-Fi networks). Alternatively, they can be controlled over USB cable as well.

Who will find them useful?

While producers & audio engineers will inevitably find DynaMounts to be valuable tools, the possible applications reach far beyond the professional recording studio. Current customers are using them in pro studios, home/project studios, broadcasting, IR capture, video/film, live sound, & more!

How much do they cost?

Probably less than you think. For pricing information, please contact a retailer or distributor in your country. If you do not see your country listed, please contact us for options.

What kind of warranty do they come with?

All DynaMounts come with a 1-year limited warranty (or longer where required by law) for protection against defects in material or workmanship. To view the warranty & service information as it applies in your country, please visit our Warranty page.

How are they powered?

All DynaMounts ship with a DC 12V 2.5A power adapter that has a cable 8ft (2.5m) long. Also included are appropriate AC plugs so they can plug into a standard wall outlet in the region where the unit was originally purchased (US, EU, UK, etc.). In situations where a longer power cable is needed, an extension cable could always be used.

Do they make any noise?

DynaMounts are silent while stationary. While in motion each motor generates some noise. Depending on what type of microphone is being used and what you are recording, the noise may or may not be audible while in motion.

Which microphones can I use with a DynaMount?

DynaMounts are compatible with most microphones, though some may require extra attention.

For V (single axis) models, most microphones will work as-is (note weight restrictions below). For X (dual-axis) models, most dynamic and pencil style microphones where the cable comes out the back of the mic will work great as-is (note weight restrictions below).

For X-Models, large diaphragm mics and other mics which have the cable coming out the bottom may need something to raise the mic for extra clearance. Though there are several options, we recommend our Accessory Pack which includes a Latch Lake thread extender and a LyxPro right-angle XLR cable adapter for extra clearance. It also contains an On Stage Posi-Lok clutch so your DynaMount can be mounted vertically or inverted.

Weight Restrictions

While it is difficult to give precise microphone weight/size limits (since they come in so many shapes and sizes), assuming a microphone is 6″ long with a clip 2.5″ high the weight limits for use on a DynaMount are 5 lbs (2 kg) for horizontal/level use and 2 lbs (0.9 kg) for inclined/vertical/upside-down use.

Which stands work well with a DynaMount?

Every model can attach to a standard 5/8″ threaded stand or a 3/8″ threaded stand with an adapter (included in European sales) but a sturdy stand is required. When mounted horizontally/level we highly recommend removing the boom from the stand when possible and just using the vertical part of the stand. While often not necessary, it is prudent and recommended to add weight to the bottom of the stand.

When mounting on a boom, we highly recommend Latch Lake stands. For mini stands please see the chart below for recommendations.

A “YES” means the stand will provide adequate support in most setups. A “*” indicates a top pick for that model, meaning it was one of our favorites based on a setup with an SM57 mic.

Mini-Stands Tested:
Brand Model Works w/ V-Models? Works w/ X-Models? Height Min (in) Height Max (in) Base Spread (in) Weight Shipped (lbs) Notes
On-Stage MS9411TB+ YES YES* 15 24 19 7 Top choice for X Models.
On-Stage MS7311B YES* YES 14 22 11 8.6 Top choice for V models (may need extra weight in some setups).
On-Stage MS7411B YES YES 17 27 26 4.3  
Ultimate Support Tour-T-Short YES YES 19 30 25 9 Very Sturdy but tall and wide, tough to get a mic right up on grill.
Ultimate Support SMCFB50 YES YES 9 18 19.5 3.9  
Tama Short Boom NO NO 16.9 22     Boom does not remove.
K&M Low Level Boom YES YES 14 26 19 5  
Auray MS-5220T YES YES 15 27 19.7 3.5  
Stage Rocker SR610121B YES* NO 8.5 16 14 2.5 Low profile, shortest stand tested. Must use weight for support on X Models.
Samson MB1 YES* YES 12 17.5 10 6 Top choice for V models. Weight may be needed for support on X Models.
Pro Line MS112 YES NO 9 13.5 7 7 Weight may be needed. Low profile.
Triad Orbit TM Mini Tripod NO NO 14.5 25.3     Could not tighten enough.

This table is for reference only, you are ultimately responsible for making sure your setup is stable and the DynaMount will not tip over during use. Always test your stand in your setup to ensure it is sturdy in all extreme positions with the mic. Specifications listed may not be accurate, please check with the respective manufacturers to verify.