Adding A DynaMount To Your Profile

In order to control a DynaMount using one of our apps it first needs to be tied to your profile. Here is how you do it:

  1. Make sure you have followed the steps to Create A Profile.

  2. Log in to the DynaMount app of your choice and click on “Add A New DynaMount”.

    Add A DynaMount To Your Profile

  3. Give your DynaMount a name (any name you’d like to identify it).

  4. Paste the unique 24-digit Device ID. Learn more…

    • The Device ID can only be found on your DynaMount’s Wi-Fi Configuration screen. Copy it during the Wi-Fi Setup process then paste it into the app.

      Copy the Device ID

  5. Enter in the 8-digit Serial Number. Learn more…

    • You can find the Serial Number printed on metallic silver sticker located on the bottom of your DynaMount’s circuit board enclosure and/or on the box your DynaMount was shipped in.
    • For DynaMounts purchased before March 15, 2016, the Serial Number and Device ID are identical.

    Save New DynaMount

  6. Click “Save”.

  7. Your DynaMount will now show up on your list of devices and it has been successfully added to your profile!

    • A DynaMount can only be associated with one profile at a time. It must be removed from your profile first if you wish to add it to a different profile.
    • To remove a DynaMount from your profile, press and hold on the device name in the “Your Devices” list. The Device Setup window will appear; scroll to the bottom of this window and you will see the “Delete Device” button.