LED Color Codes

The LED light on your DynaMount changes color to provide status information. Here is what each color means:

Booting Up

Slow “Breathing” White

Device is booting up (usually takes approximately 15 seconds).

Wi-Fi Setup Mode

Blinking Blue

Device is in Wi-Fi Setup mode (and will broadcast a “DynaMount-XXXX” network).

Trying To Connect

Fast Flashing Green

Device is attempting to connect to your Wi-Fi network.


Slow “Breathing” Green

Device is connected to your Wi-Fi network.

Internet Connected

Single Light Blue Blink (shortly after breathing green begins)

Device communicated successfully with our server over the internet.

No Internet Connection

Orange Blinks (shortly after breathing green begins)

Device is connected to Wi-Fi but failed to connect with our server over the internet. This is common for example when using a local Wi-Fi network without internet access (in Offline Mode) and your DynaMount will still work. Note, it will attempt up to 4 tries to communicate with our server.

USB Connected

Solid Magenta

Device is in USB Control mode.

Wi-Fi Setup Timeout

Solid Yellow

More than 4 minutes passed while in Wi-Fi Setup mode without successfully being configured. In this mode it can only be controlled using USB (it will turn solid magenta once USB is successfully connected).

Error Occurred

Red S.O.S. Flashes

An error occurred. Your DynaMount will usually reset itself if this happens.