USB Control

All DynaMount models have the ability to be controlled using USB (as an alternative to Wi‑Fi) via our OSX and Windows apps.

There are some advantages to controlling over USB (virtually no lag time, no Wi-Fi range/compatibility issues, etc.) but there are also some drawbacks (requires a cable, can only control one USB DynaMount at a time, can’t sync device position between phone/computer, etc.). This guide explains how to control your DynaMount using USB.

  1. Make sure you have followed the steps in Hardware Setup and Create A Profile. Learn more…

    • If you would prefer to add the DynaMount to your profile for more flexibility later, you will need the Device ID which can only be found on the Wi-Fi Configuration screen. Even if you never plan to use Wi-Fi control, simply follow the first few steps of the Wi-Fi Setup guide to access the Wi-Fi Configuration screen and copy the Device ID.
  2. Your DynaMount should now be powered on using the included 12V DC power adapter.

    • Do not attempt to power your DynaMount using a USB cable only, it does not provide enough power and could cause damage to the device. Make sure you have the 12V DC power adapter plugged in.
  3. Plug a micro USB cable into your DynaMount (don’t plug the other end into your computer just yet). Can I use long cables?

    • For longer USB cable runs (20ft+), one option is to use USB 2.0 “active repeater” type cables. We have had success daisy-chaining multiple 50ft USB 2.0 active repeater cables for long range USB control.
    • Another good option is to use RJ45 to USB adapters. We have used these SIENOC adapters successfully with a 100ft Cat6 cable.

    Plug In USB

    • Use caution and avoid bumping or putting pressure on the USB connection when plugged in. It can be broken and USB will become unusable on your DynaMount.
  4. OSX users can skip ahead to the next step, Windows users need to install device drivers (this only needs to be done once per computer):

    1. Download the Windows drivers ( HERE.
    2. Unzip the file. It is fine to unzip this into your Downloads folder.
    3. Plug the other end of the USB cable into your Windows computer.
    4. Your computer will automatically check for drivers, but will probably fail.
    5. Open up your computer’s Device Manager.
    6. Under “Other Devices” (or possibly “Ports” on Windows 10), right-click on “Photon with WiFi”.
    7. Select “Update Driver Software”.
    8. Select “Browse my computer for driver software”.
    9. Navigate to the unzipped drivers folder you downloaded and unzipped earlier.
    10. The driver is called “”.
    11. It will prompt to install device software: Particle Ports by Spark Labs, Inc.
    12. Select “Install”.
    13. It should say “Windows has successfully updated your driver software” for this device: Photon
    14. Hit “Close”.
    15. In the Device Manager you should now see “Photon” under Ports
    • If you have a problem installing the drivers, you may have to temporarily disable the digitally signed driver enforcement policy. There are good instructions on that HERE.
  5. Log in to your profile using the DynaMount OSX or Windows App. You should now be on the screen with the “Your Devices” list. Learn more…

    • USB control is only available via our OSX and Windows apps.
  6. Plug the other end of the USB cable into your computer. LED blinking blue?

    • If your DynaMount was manufactured before March 15, 2016, it cannot be controlled over USB while in “Wi-Fi Setup” mode (blinking blue LED). However, if your DynaMount is in “Wi-Fi Setup” mode simply wait 4 minutes and the LED will turn solid yellow, now it is ready and you can move on to the next step. If your DynaMount has an 8-digit Serial Number (e.g. “A0316000”), then it was made after March 15, 2016, and you can ignore this message.
  7. Hit the “Refresh USB” button in the app. The button will change to say “Checking…” while it is looking for USB devices.

    Refresh USB

  8. You should now see the “USB – DynaMount” device button appear, and the LED on your DynaMount will turn magenta. Device not showing up?

    • If no USB device is showing up and the LED is not turning magenta: try hitting the “Refresh USB” button a few more times.
    • Make sure you are plugged into a USB 2.0 port.
    • Try again using a different USB cable.
    • Still not showing up? Try bypassing any USB hubs and disconnect all other USB devices from your computer except the DynaMount.
    • As a last resort, try again from a different computer.

    Magenta LED on DynaMount

  9. Click on the “USB – DynaMount” button.

    USB DynaMount

  10. The Control Gauges will load and adjust automatically depending on which model DynaMount is connected. Learn more…

    • The app will only save the Presets, last position, and other settings for a single USB device. The app detects the DynaMount model and if it is different from the previously connected USB device the Presets, last position, etc. are reset to default.
  11. You are now able to control your DynaMount using the same interface as when controlling through Wi-Fi!