Wi-Fi Setup

Steps to get your DynaMount connected to your home/studio Wi-Fi network.

In order to wirelessly control a DynaMount it must first be connected to your Wi-Fi network. After completing these steps your DynaMount will be connected and Wi-Fi credentials saved so the next time it powers up it will connect automatically.

  • This guide applies and the steps are the same regardless of whether you plan to use the iOS, OSX, Android, or Windows app.

For the Wi-Fi Setup process it is recommended to place your DynaMount close to your Wi-Fi router.

  1. Follow the steps in the Hardware Setup guide to get your DynaMount securely attached to a stand and powered up.

  2. If your DynaMount is already in Wi-Fi Setup mode (blinking blue LED), proceed to Step 3.

    Wi-Fi Setup Mode - Blinking Blue LED

    Not in Wi-Fi Setup mode? Press and hold the SETUP button (see photo below) on your DynaMount for 5 seconds with a pen/pencil then release. This will wipe out all saved Wi-Fi credentials on the device and reset it into Wi-Fi Setup mode. Learn more…

    • Please note, if your DynaMount is blinking green (trying to connect to a Wi-Fi network), the SETUP button may not respond right away. After you’ve held it for 5 seconds and released it, it may take up to 15 seconds to restart.
    • Wi-Fi Setup mode only lasts for 4 minutes. If you do not configure the Wi-Fi settings in this time the LED will turn to solid yellow. You can control the DynaMount through USB now, or if you want to try setting up the Wi-Fi again just restart the device.
    • On DynaMounts manufactured before March 15, 2016, it may be necessary to keep tapping the SETUP button repeatedly and it will eventually respond and enter Wi-Fi Setup mode after restarting. If your DynaMount has an 8-digit Serial Number (e.g. “A0316000”), then it was made after March 15, 2016, and you can ignore this message.

    SETUP Button

  3. When your DynaMount is in Wi-Fi Setup mode (blinking blue) it creates a “DynaMount-XXXX” Wi-Fi network. Learn more…

    • The “DynaMount-XXXX” network is only used for the Wi-Fi setup process and not for controlling your DynaMount.
  4. Connect to this “DynaMount-XXXX” network from your computer or mobile device (no password is required). Having trouble?

    • If you are unable to connect to this network, hit the RESET button (next to the power jack on your DynaMount) and try again.
    • If that doesn’t help, try connecting from a different computer or mobile device.

    Connect to 'DynaMount-XXXX' Wi-Fi network

  5. Once connected, pull up an internet browser (Chrome is recommended) and in the address bar enter:

    • Regardless of whether you plan to use the iOS app, Android app, or Chrome app, this step must be completed using a regular internet browser.

    DynaMount Wi-Fi Configuration

    • If you don’t see the Wi-Fi Config screen, make sure you are connected to the “DynaMount-XXXX” Wi-Fi network and refresh the page.
  6. If this is your first time setting up this device, copy your DynaMount’s unique Device ID so you can paste it into the app later when adding a new device to your profile. Can’t copy the ID?

    • In Firefox you may be unable to copy the Device ID. Please use a different browser or you will need to manually type in the Device ID when adding a DynaMount to your profile.
    • In some browsers, it may be possible that the last 1-2 characters of the Device ID are cropped off and not initially visible. Please make sure you select the entire Device ID when copying it.

    Copy Device ID

  7. Press the “Scan” button to have your DynaMount look for nearby Wi-Fi networks.

    Scan For Networks

  8. A list will drop down containing all the found nearby Wi-Fi networks. Select the desired network you want your DynaMount to connect to. (2.4GHz only) Don’t see your network?

    • If you don’t see the desired network listed, try moving your DynaMount closer to your Wi-Fi router then hit “Scan” again
    • If your Wi-Fi network doesn’t require a password it may not show up when you scan for nearby networks. Your DynaMount will only work on a Wi-Fi network that requires a password.
    • Your DynaMount will only work on a 2.4GHz band Wi-Fi network (not a 5GHz band network). Also, if you have a “dual-band” router make sure the 5GHz band is set to have a different network name and password than the 2.4GHz band. This will keep your router from attempting to automatically switch the DynaMount over to 5GHz.
    • If you have a firewall that hides your Wi-Fi network, your DynaMount will not be able to find it.
  9. Carefully type in your Wi-Fi network password.

    • It is a good idea to hit the “Show” button so you can see the password you are typing and verify that it is correct.
  10. Hit the “Connect” button.

    Connect To The Network

  11. You should immediately see the LED on your DynaMount begin blinking green which indicates that it is trying to connect to your Wi-Fi network.

    Once your DynaMount successfully connects, the LED will begin a slow “breathing” green. Having trouble?

    • If the LED stays blinking blue after you hit “Connect”, try restarting the DynaMount. After booting up, it will now automatically connect to your network if the Wi-Fi credentials were in fact received successfully. If it stays blinking blue even after being reset, try completing the Wi-Fi setup process again.
    • If your DynaMount quickly flickers green and then goes back to a slow blinking blue, you may have incorrectly typed in your network password. Please reconnect to the “DynaMount-XXXX” network, refresh the Wi-Fi Configuration page and try again.
    • If it is stuck blinking green and you believe you may have entered an incorrect password, hold the SETUP button for 5 seconds then release to restart your DynaMount into Wi-Fi Setup mode.
    • If you’re sure you are correctly entering your password but it still is not connecting, try moving the DynaMount closer to your Wi-Fi router and try again. If moving it closer to your router fixes the problem, please review the tips for improving Wi-Fi signal strength found in our Troubleshooting Guide.
    • Your DynaMount will only work on a 2.4GHz band Wi-Fi network (not a 5GHz band network). Also, if you have a “dual-band” router make sure the 5GHz band is set to have a different network name and password than the 2.4GHz band. This will keep your router from attempting to automatically switch the DynaMount over to 5GHz.
    • Check if your router uses the older WEP security protocol. If it uses WEP, please see important connection information in the “WEP security” section of our Troubleshooting Guide.
    • If it is still unable to connect (blinking green quickly), please refer to our Troubleshooting Guide for more tips to get connected.

    Connecting To Network

    • You will then see the LED briefly flash either light blue or orange depending on whether your network has an internet connection. For more info, please see our LED Color Codes guide.
  12. Lastly, connect your computer or mobile device back to your normal Wi-Fi network which your DynaMount is now connected to.

  13. You’re DynaMount is now connected!